redmon5 (redmon5) wrote in first_world,

Defense Official: Bolivia a Leftist Target

Cuba and Venezuela are trying to install leftist governments throughout Latin America and are closest to achieving their objective in Bolivia, a Defense Department official said Tuesday. Roger Pardo-Maurer, a deputy assistant secretary who specializes in Western Hemisphere issues, said Bolivia has become the main target of the two leftist Caribbean countries because revolutionary conditions exist there.

"They are trying to steer this revolution toward a Marxist-socialist populist state," said the
Pentagon official. Pardo-Maurer said Cuba and Venezuela have targeted many other countries in the hemisphere besides Bolivia. "There are subversive projects going on everywhere else," and they seem to be primarily financed and organized by Venezuela, he said.

While Cubans pour into Venezuela, he said, there is a reverse flow as well, with "thousands upon thousands" of Venezuelans heading for Cuba, Pardo-Maurer said. He did not explain the purpose of the exodus of Venezuelans to Cuba. The official added that in exchange for the trained personnel Cuba sends to Venezuela, Chavez reciprocates by supplying the island with 90,000 barrels of oil per day at subsidized prices, sparing Cuba the impact of record-high oil prices.

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